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Big Bold Mascara #10 – Loolia Closet Jordan



Big Bold Mascara #10

Big Bold Mascara
Big Bold Mascara

Big Bold Mascara #10

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An intense, volumizing mascara for dramatically thicker, longer lashes.

Instant super volume effect! A perfect combination of brush and mascara formulation to create an express volume effect upon application.

Big Bold Mascara has a creamy, full bodied texture that coats the lashes and builds up the volume effect. The ingredients are based on vegetable waxes from rice bran, full of caring and protective fatty acids.

The texture is also enriched with natural polysaccharide which is known for its optimal thickness effect.

Extra big brush with a patent cut: A fibre brush with a special mixture of short and long bristles – two brushes in one!

SHORT BRISTLES: For fast and intense application

LONG BRISTLES: Separation and definition Grooves with mascara deposit for great pick up and dispension on the lashes

Fragrance free. Ophtalmologically tested.

Make a bold statement with the original, revolutionary Big Bold Mascara. It is the perfect combination of an extra big ‘2-in-1’ fibre brush and creamy, full-bodied mascara. The brush is specially designed with a combination of short and long bristles, to coat each lash and build dramatic volume.

Your eyes are framed by the most perfectly defined, thick lashes, and ready to make an unforgettable impact. Vegetable waxes care and protect your lashes as you enjoy long-lasting, flake-free and clump-free results.

• Combination of extra big brush and creamy full-bodied mascara

• Coats each lash – instant bold and dramatic volume

• Long- lasting, flake-free and clump-free