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Mega Volume Air Mascara – Loolia Closet Jordan



Mega Volume Air Mascara

Mega Volume Air Mascara

Mega Volume Air Mascara

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Ready to blow away the rules of volume? L’Oreal Paris introduces Air Volume Mega Mascara, a new evolution of mega lash volume that inflates and puffs up lashes, just like a hot air balloon, yet feels light as air

Blow away the rules of volume with L'Oréal Paris Mega Volume Air Mascara. In a consumer test, 84 percent of women said volume feels light as air on lashes. Air whipped formula creates weightless volume lasting up to 24hrs

How does this happen?

With a new ingenious formula and packaging, Air Volume defies the rules of gravity and volume. The Air Volume formula is air whipped to create a lash multiplying effect with more volume that is weightless on lashes. This weightless mega volume and wear locks in for all day wear, lasting up to 24HRS.

The key to the mega volume impact and long wear is in the lashing-building team of the the airy formula and double-bristle brush. The unique high charge, cushiony bristle brush captures, separates and coats every lash from the root to the tip for thick and full lashes. The short bristles catch and load lashes deep at the roots while the long bristles dispense the intensely black formula evenly for fully blown out lashes.

The pink metallic balloon-shaped packaging protects and seals in the airy formula. Lashes are inflated and puffed up to dramatic levels of buildable volume upon each application.

Hate raccoon eyes? Air Volume is smudge and flake resistant. Blow away the rules of volume and drop the weight with Air Volume Mega Mascara.

• Experience a lash multiplying effect that puffs up lashes with mega volume for mega impact.

• The mascara formula is air whipped to create weightless mega volume that lasts up to 24hrs and feels light as air on your lashes.

• The large cushiony double bristle brush has short and long bristles that capture and coat every lash from the root to the tip with easy application.

• This washable mascara is ophthalmologist and allergy tested. Also it is suitable for use on sensitive eyes.

How to apply :

- Head turning volume: Apply one coat of Mega Volume Air Mascara for instantly charged lashes.

- Unmissable volume: Apply two coats for mega volume.

- Break the rules of volume: Apply three coats for fully blown out extreme volume.