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Precision Brow Pen WP #70 Dark Brown – Loolia Closet Jordan



Precision Brow Pen WP #70 Dark Brown

Precision Brow Pen WP
Precision Brow Pen WP

Precision Brow Pen WP #70 Dark Brown

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A super slim, retractable brow pen for long-wearing, precise brow filling.

Super slim retractable brow pen for a precise and controlled brow filling Long lasting waterproof colors that won’t fade or transfer.


1. Slim eyebrows

2. Filling in between sparse brow hairs

3. Spot filling of over tweezed areas

4. Creating a bold and dramatic brow arch

Fragrance free. Clinically tested.

This brow pen lets you use ultra-fine strokes to create fuller, perfectly shaped eyebrows. The super slim precision tip makes application easy and controlled, whether you want to fill in sparse areas, contour your arch or add definition to your brows. You can build your eyebrows precisely as you want to, by drawing in natural-looking fine hair-like strokes. Plus, it’s convenient as a retractable brow pen which means no need for manual sharpening. The long-wearing and waterproof formula ensures that the color stays put, without fading or transferring. Go Precision!

• Super slim pen – builds eyebrows with natural-looking, hair-like strokes

• Precision tip pen for easy, controlled application

• Retractable – no need for manual sharpening

• Long wearing and waterproof formula – color does not fade or transfer