Runway Ready

Runway Ready

Runway Ready

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The RUNWAY READY GIFT SET features a curated selection of items from the KARL LAGERFELD + ModelCo collection.

The LIP ENHANCER LIP LINER (in shade ‘Rosewood’) can be used to enhance and define lips. The soft wax pencil creates a perfect pout with the illusion of natural, fuller lips. The LIP COUTURE LIPSTICK is a creamy, lip smoothing lipstick with a long-lasting semi-matte finish (in shade ‘Pia’). The LIP GLOSS delivers a burst of creamy high pigment colour, with a satiny finish designed for all-day wear (in shade ‘St Tropez Sunset’).

For eyes, the EYESHADOW EDIT PALETTE features the best-selling shades of the CHOUPETTE COLLECTABLE EYESHADOW PALETTE (‘Smokey/Burgundy’). These shades offer saturated pigmentation and are buildable in colour.


LIP ENHANCER LIP LINER: Outline the desired shape of your lips.

LIP COUTURE LIPSTICK: Apply to clean lips and fill in lips from the centre out.

EYESHADOW EDIT PALLETTE: Apply eyeshadow using the Blend, Shadow and Smudge Brushes from the Karl Brush Collection. Build colour as desired.

LIP GLOSS: Apply gloss to lips for an intense colour and satin shine.KARL LAGERFELD + ModelCo limited edition colour cosmetics collection features a range of innovative and collectable beauty products. Channeling the theme of “Illuminated Beauty”, the products are made with high-quality formulas and an unmistakable artistic aesthetic that is sophisticated and cool. KARL LAGERFELD + ModelCo launches globally on May 14, 2018. The product is limited edition and will not be reproduced again