Stretch Lash Mascara #01 Black

Stretch Lash Mascara

Stretch Lash Mascara #01 Black

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Customizable volume mascara with an expandable 2-in-1 brush.


For volume, length and separation: Apply the mascara with the brush in the long position. For extra volume effect and high definition: Retract the brush from the long position and apply the mascara with the shortened brush.

Expandable brush Customize your lashes from everyday volume to extra volume and high definition – just twist the top of the mascara cap to transform the brush into a long or short position. Expandable brush Built-in dial in the cap to expand and retract the length of the brush.


• volume • length • separation

SHORT BRUSH • extra volume • high definition Fragrance free. Ophthalmologically tested.

Sometimes we want volume, and other times we want VOLUME. That is why we created the Stretch Lash Mascara. Thanks to its retractable brush you can customize your lash volume, length and separation depending on the mood of any given day. Twist out the brush to its full length to achieve sleek, long, everyday voluminous lashes, or retract it and make it short for high definition and high volume. The long-lasting, smudge-proof formula has a texture that is creamy and highly buildable. Available in four different colors, this is a real IsaDora fave.

• Customized volume, length and separation

• Retractable brush for maximum effect

• Long-lasting and smudge-proof