Total Results Brass Off color obsessed mask 200ml

Brass Off Custom Neutralization Mask Mask Matrix

Total Results Brass Off color obsessed mask 200ml

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Copper Hair Cancellation Mask, Brass Off 200 ml

Total Resists Neutralizing Hair Color Mask is a color fixing formula that cancels out copper tones. It consists of pigments rich in blue-violet tones to cancel and eliminate copper/orange tones and preserve blonde hair color. It also helps repair and protect weakened hair.

Main advantages
Enriched with blue-violet pigments, it effectively reduces copper/orange undertones
Helps repair and protect weakened hair

How to use
After using Total Rationals Off Shampoo, wear a suitable glove, apply to wet hair and style to distribute evenly
Avoid the scalp area and leave it on for 5-10 minutes according to the desired degree of neutralization. Leave on for 5 minutes if you want a weak neutralization degree, leave 10 minutes for maximum neutralization